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​When stray, lost people are brought to Kinara Ashram, they are cleaned, fed and various activities are done to maintain their mental health, after which their relatives are traced and reunited with their relatives. 


Rajan Srinivas (age 29, resident of Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh)
is the name of this wandering youth.  Preeti Vaidya, director of Kinara Vriddha and Matimand Seva Trust, saw him wandering on Pavana Road in Kamshet. She questioned him.  He was scared.  She brought him to the old age home.  There he shaved and took a bath and was given new clothes.  Food was given to him. Upon doing his Health check, It turned out that he had not eaten for 25 days. He was addicted to marijuana.  So Preeti Vaidya contacted Harshal Pandit, President of Smile De-addiction Center. 


The members of Smile met him at Kinara. Kamshet police registered him at police station and brought him to the newly started de-addiction center at Urse for rehabilitation till address of his family was found. He could not speak well. Due to lack of food for many days, he initially suffered from stomach ache, vomiting, nausea and diarrhea. Two three days later his digesting started undone. Now he is well-eating. Now he was in the mood to communicate with Smile. 


Rahul Kelkar of Smile interacted with him. His name is Rajan Srinivas (Thakur) Resident of  Bilaspur, Sadarpur, Chhattisgarh. There are mother, father and brother in the house. He said that he has some agricultural land and is addicted to weed and cannabis. Then ye was brought to Kinara again. we contacted the Bilaspur police station and searched for his family. After getting information, Rajan's brother reached Kinara old age home. Seeing Rajan there, his brother burst into tears. He thanked both the social organizations.

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Mrs. Prabha Nair Age 75 years. 


A 75-year-old homeless women was found aside of footpath near Kaka Halwai Sweets Talegaon. An auto driver out of courtesy dropped her at Ghorawadi station, but some mean hearted people objected her presence at the Ghorawadi station and told the auto driver that this old woman stays in Nigdi. But due to police intervention she was left in Talegaon itself. After some days she was still found begging on the footpath opposite Hutching Highschool. Our Colleague social worker Seema Kanchan Kadam found on her the footpath. Out of the routine courtesy she stopped by & enquired with her. During the enquiry Seema learned that the old woman is from Kerala. 

She had moved a few years back to Pune with her husband for bread & butter. Then her husband expired and her daughters too left her alone. She was very weak because she had not eaten for quite a few days. After Seema gave her some food, she felt somewhat alive. Then Seema told the entire story to a renowned social activist Mr. Dilip Dolas. The same night Mr. Dolas coordinated with Ms. Priti Vaidya, director of Kinara Old Age Home. Immediately Ms. Priti Vaidya along with Kinara caretakers reached the location & rescued the homeless women Mrs. Prabha Nair to Kinara Campus. Ms. Seema & Ms. Priti had a common motive for rehabilitation of a homeless women, which they achieved by assisting Mrs. Nair.



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 Mr. Nana Munde Age 66 years.


Mr. Nana Munde Age 66 years residing at Panvel, was very disturbed mentally because his favorite bullock cart was stolen. In the same disturbed phase of mind, he left his house a year ago to search his bullock cart. He was found by Kinara Director Adv. Priti Vaidya while she was returning from a meeting under Wakad Flyover. He was in a very bad condition. He was eating the food given to him by the people passing by. Ms. Priti Vaidya got down & enquired with him. Asked him, whether he would come to our old age home. He replied No.  So, the volunteers of Kinara kept a watch on him for 3 days. Again after 3 days Ms. Priti Vaidya & caretakers of Kinara went to see him. At first Ms. Priti gained his confidence & then again asked him whether he would come to our old age home. This time Mr. Nana Munde happily said yes. Our team brought him to Kinara. With proper medical attention & hygienic food Nana Munde returned to normalcy within 15 days. During his counselling session he told us that he stays in Panvel, has agricultural land and own house. Learning this Priti Vaidya immediately informed Panvel police station about Nana Munde. Constable Sachin Jadhav found out his relatives. Police found Nana Munde’s son Meenanath Munde, who was searching his father for last entire year at Police station’s, Railway station’s Bus Stand, Morgues. In this age we have seen children who deny the responsibility of their parents at their old age but Meenanath had even searched for his father in Morgues. When he saw Nana Munde after a year at Kinara safe & healthy he literally started crying. He couldn’t stop himself from thanking Ms. Priti Vaidya and the entire Kinara Team.  



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Mr. Ravi Motiram Age 70 Years.


•An orphan old age man who was wandering since last 1 year by the roadside was given shelter by Ms. Priti Vaidya of Kinara. We kept a watch on this man for 2 weeks. After that we met him and asked whether he would come with us to our Vruddhashram. His name is Ravi Motiram age 70 years.
•In the covid period many people who had left their home, didn’t found the way back to their home. Kinara after doing prima facet enquiry helps such old needy orphan people. Residential nurse Anjana Namatile & caretaker Sagar Kulkarni helped in this operation.






 2nd Feb 2022, during Kinara’s regular rescue operation at Khadki Bazar residential driver Mr. Mayuresh Lele saw some old orphan people. We started enquiring about them. Then we found a old couple by the roadside. Old man was lying on the road and his wife was sitting near his head. Upon enquiring she told us that her both the sons have expired & she was working in a bungalow from where she was fired.
Since they were not having house to stay they were staying by roadside for the last 3 days. She was ready to come with us to our Vruddhashram. But due to cold her husband was not at all well and he needed immediate medical attention. So we called 108, the ambulance came within 10 minutes. We admitted him to Sassoon hospital. After a weeks treatment he was discharged and sent to Kinara.

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