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A society where elders are healthy, happy, empowered and socially integrated. We aim to contribute to build a society in which people are encouraged and enabled to age productively and with dignity.
To work towards developing and implementing activities that enhance productive ageing


In the early 2000 Ms. Priti Vaidya was working in a reputed school as a music teacher. She was 27 years old then, while her husband was 37 years old. Unfortunately he was diagnosed with cancer.

Due to husband’s illness & inadequate salary, she had to quit the job. To fund daily household expenses she started taking music tutions in Kothrud area.

         One fine day she received a call from an old age home that whether she could give music lessons at their old age home? Ms. Priti accepted their offer and started giving music lessons at their old age home.

While working at the old age home she realized that people keep their parents in old age home when they turn old and this thought was very disturbing to her. How can someone leave their parents at the last stage of life in old age home, while parents give their entire life to build their childrens life.

         Since then her mind started thinking, why should I not work for the rehabilitation of such old people whose responsibility is not shared by anyone neither their children nor the society.

Meanwhile her husband expired due to Cancer and Priti was completely broken.

She returned to her parents Mrs. Rekha Deshmukh & Mr. Vikas Deshmukh along with her 12 year old son Pratik, emotionally broken and somewhere deep down in the heart with the thought of working for old age people.

Keeping Ms. Sindhutai Sapkal as her role model,Priti thought that if she could mother of countless orphan children then why could I not become a daughter to needy orphan old age people.

She then spoke to her parents regarding the thought of working for the old age people whose responsibility is neither shared by their children nor by the society. Her parents happily welcomed her thought & wholeheartedly supported her by giving a 2000 sq ft plot in Rupee Nagar, Talawade

Her father was working with Kirloskar Oil engines, but since he had to support Ms. Priti in her work he resigned from his job and full time started working with her. Her mother advised her that she could stand independently & work excellent for the noble cause that she has started. Also, her mother told that looking in the past has never helped anyone, a person can grow only if he or she looks in today & tomorrow.

               Ms. Priti along with her parents started living in a 10*10 room. Her father took finance from banks and other private financial institutions to build up the old age home. Gradually in a years’ time 1 BHK was built with that financial support. After that we released the very first newspaper advertisement in Pune Sakal. Kinara made its debut with 3 old age people. Initially Kinara used to charge a nominal fee for admission. At that time, we didn’t have any maids, attendants, cook, nurse. So, all the work like cooking, changing diapers, giving medicines, giving them bathe, etc. had to be done by us.

Kinara Old Age Home was registered in 2009. Till 2012 we were having around 12 old people. In the same year 2012 we received a call from YCM Hospital Pimpri saying that they have a orphan old age patient who has kidney trouble, no NGO was ready to admit him without charges so would you take care of him? At that time without a second thought Ms. Priti said yes to hospital authorities and gave admission to that orphan old age man. Media took a note of this particular work through Pune Sakal newspaper & news channels. Everybody applauded the noble work done by Kinara. At this very moment we practically realised that working for the orphan old age people is the need of hour and since then we started search operations for such orphan needy old age people. We learned during this operation that countless old age people reside on the footpath’s, outside the mandirs, masjids. We started going to each & every orphan to ask them whether they needed shelter or help, but we realised that this was a time-consuming process. So, then we changed our modus operandi. We visited all the government hospitals and spoke to the medical officers over there. We introduced ourselves and gave our literature to them, hereby requesting them that if they oversee any orphan old age men or women in their facility kindly inform Kinara. Thereafter we gave a written letter & our literature of Kinara to Commissioner of Police Pune & Pimpri Chinchwad which in due course was circulated to all the police stations under their jurisdictions, so that if any police employee finds any orphan old age man or woman, they could guide them to Kinara.

               As the days passed the space of Kinara Rupee Nagar Campus was insufficient. We were in search of a bigger space. At the same time, we purchased 11000 sq. ft land at post. Ahirwade, Kamshet. & Started building an old age home over there. Our work at Kinara was noticed by different companies, organisations, schools, colleges, clubs, individuals, businessmen and due to their donations of all sort Kinara kept on growing. As of date there are 70 orphan inmates @ Kinara & counting more. They have come from different parts of entire Maharashtra.

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